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Bill Helps You Become a Dynamic, Persuasive Speaker



You want to improve your professional skills, but you cannot attend Bill’s speeches, seminars and consulting sessions. Or maybe you even prefer the benefits of one-on-one coaching.

  • You welcome the private, confidential aspect of coaching.
  • The coach concentrates on your needs individually.
  • Coaching lasts for extended periods, while seminars end after one day.
  • Coaching provides the opportunity to make mid-course recommendations.
  • Coaching is more portable. Because of E-mail, fax, the telephone, audio/videotape, and other technology, coaching can be highly effective through “distance learning.” Mileage limits don’t exist!

Whether it’s geography or personal preference that drives your decision doesn’t matter. You will benefit by enlisting Bill Lampton as your professional Coach.



  • speak to groups with far greater impact
  • boost your marketing and sales results
  • become the leader people want to work with
  • learn your “personal style”—and adapt to other styles
  • “listen your way to the top”
  • reduce conflict situations, resolve those you can’t prevent
  • lead your organization through crises that become public
  • maintain maximum motivation during stressful changes
  • generate candid, constructive feedback from staff members

Bill customizes his coaching for every client




Bob Pennington, President/CEO of Willis Investment Counsel in Gainesville, Georgia, contacted Bill for help in preparing his commencement speech for Emory at Oxford, a prestigious college near Atlanta, GA. They met three times to evaluate content and delivery, and critiqued his performance by video each time. After the commencement, Bob stated that Dr. Lampton's Speech Coaching had helped him succeed beyond his expectations, both in building his confidence and engaging his audience throughout his speech.


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"Thank you for your guidance and counsel! In very little time, you were able to help me communicate with much greater impact. This change in my speaking style has made me excited to share information and my thoughts with any group. I continue to improve with each opportunity and I constantly apply the techniques we discussed. This noticed improvement is not just my opinion, but the opinion of several of my colleagues as well. The powerful notion of focusing on the audience has made a significant difference in my speaking style. Your help has made a difference."

--J. Craig Mundy, Director, Human Resources, Gillette Global Technical & Manufacturing.


Bill Lampton Coaching Services. Bill offered his professional guidance to Theo Gilbert-Jamison, author of The Six Principles of Service Excellence. "Thank you for your support and input during our telephone and face to face coaching sessions. The advice you provided highlighted opportunities in the structure and delivery of my presentations. Following your coaching, my presentations are clearer and my delivery style is more personal and compelling. I am sure that over the years to come, I will reap the benefits of the time we spent together. Thanks again."

--Graham Forward, Manager Operations, Strategy and Improvement--Gillette


“I read through your comments on my speech to the Youth Leadership program. Great job! I think that your comments were right on the mark. It’s interesting. . .many of your ‘needs improvement’ comments were things that I intuitively recognized, even during the speech. I just wasn’t sure how to improve them, particularly ‘on the fly.’”

--Slater Barr, Carroll Tomorrow


Bill Lampton Coaching Services. Bill offered his professional guidance to Theo Gilbert-Jamison, author of The Six Principles of Service Excellence. On this occasion, Bill offered his professional guidance to Theo Gilbert-Jamison, author of The Six Principles of Service Excellence, during lunch at Olive Garden Restaurant. Theo was Vice President of Training & Development for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, prior to establishing her own company, Performance Solutions By Design, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Thank you for your continued support, guidance and direction. I consider you a mentor and role model. The advice and expertise you have offered me over the years have been immeasurable—especially your endorsement of my book, assistance with producing my recent interview CD and countless other instances when I have called on you for professional counsel. Thank you for everything you have done to help make my consulting firm (Performance Solutions by Design: www.psbydesign.com) and my book (The Six Principles of Service Excellence) a success.”

--Theo Gilbert-Jamison, Performance Solutions by Design

Bill Lampton Coaching Services.  Bill helps Rick Owings, Vice President of Wordwide, Inc., develop a series of major presentations to prospective clients.

Bill helps Rick Owings, President of Worldwide, Inc., develop a series of major presentations to prospective clients. 

“Just a brief note of thanks for all your help with our presentation a few weeks ago. Your suggestions and coaching were very useful and helpful towards making both the presentation and my presenting much better. Thanks again for your help on short notice and we will look forward to working with you again as our process continues.”

--Rick Owings, President of Worldwide, Inc.

“Recently I was asked to give a presentation at the National Conference of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), held in Boston, MA. The group of 300 manufacturing professionals was invited to hear my story of the successful turnaround of the Duracell battery business. In preparation for the presentation I contacted Bill Lampton to help me prepare for the honor, as I wanted to represent Duracell (a division of P&G) to the best of my ability. I was pleased to learn that Bill was not going to try and change me into something I wasn’t but instead had proven techniques to enhance my natural speaking and communication style. After a couple of days spent with Bill and a little outside work on my part, I really felt prepared to deliver the message to the group. The speaker evaluation results (4.69 out of a possible 5.00) confirmed what I felt about my speech: it was better than I had possibly imagined it could be and was a very enjoyable experience. It was a great experience working with Bill and I plan to call on him again in my future.”

--Rayne Johnstun, Plant Manager, Duracell, division of P&G

Atlanta, Georgia based Bernd Baier--President/CEO of Aivant L.P, "The High Availability Company" headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany--used Bill's sales coaching weekly for three months, to help expand Aivant's client list internationally.

Bernd says: "I highly recommend Bill Lampton's coaching service. Patiently and positively, he assessed my abilities and my challenges. Together, we devised a professional growth plan that has brought visible results already. Truly, his guidance and support have jet-propelled my sales career. Whether you are a seasoned executive or a new company representative, call Bill--and you will start benefiting right away."



Bill Lampton Coaching Services.  Bill helps Rick Owings, Vice President of Wordwide, Inc., develop a series of major presentations to prospective clients.

You can become the next coaching client who benefits from Bill's guidance and encouragement.

Presidents hire speech, media, and policy coaches. Even Ronald Reagan—remembered as “The Great Communicator”—relied on a Speech Coach, Roger Ailes, the eventual founder of Fox News. Also, executives as the highest professional levels reach their speaking potential through coaching.

If you’re ready to take that step, too, then call Bill: 678-316-4300 Or E-mail him: drbill@ChampionshipCommunication.com Check his Web site: www.ChampionshipCommunication.com

CALL TODAY! Contact Dr. Bill Lampton for an initial free telephone consultation session. He will listen intently while you describe your professional growth needs. Then he will design a coaching plan that’s customized to help you jet propel your career forward!

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