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How to Work With the Media During Your Company’s Crisis from Bill Lampton, Ph.D. on Vimeo.

FIVE STEPS TOWARD BECOMING A WINNER—NOW! Is your organization lagging or leading in your industry? Are your employees whiners or winners? Do your customers rage or rave about your service? Are sales slumping or soaring? Bill Lampton, Ph.D., spent twenty-three years in management. From direct experience, he knows what it takes to transform corporate losers into leaders. Here are 5 steps Bill will help you take toward the winner’s circle!

“Dr. Lampton is a person I turn to for knowledge that makes a difference to my company. He teaches habits of success – patterns of success that work. The opposite of a “flash in the pan” business book or trend; Dr. Lampton’s detailed advice and coaching teach time-honored, success-proven, behaviors that make you number one. I’m honored to know him and always excited to learn the next habit that will take us to the next level.” August 13, 2009

–Matthew Lampros, CEO and Founder, Sellemental, Inc


  • micro  What’s wrong with answering “No Comment”–and what should you say instead?
      Why you should not give estimates of dollar losses or describe the degree of human suffering
      Pointers for directing a press conference
      Writing a news release that gets results
      Cultivating supportive media relationships before tragedies happen
      Preparing a written crisis communication plan for your company

margieasef Margie Asef, Community Relations Manager, Greater Atlanta Christian School, wrote this after attending my 2-hour crisis communication seminar:

Bill’s informative seminar provided a rich array of ideas and resources to prepare for media communications during a “never-invited” crisis. I hope I’ll never have to use any of the skill set, but I’m better prepared if I do. Thanks Bill!

TWO: PROVIDE SPEECH COACHING FOR YOUR LEADERS Your vice president has acquired the knowledge he needs to function effectively. Yet he has not reached his potential as a leader, because he cannot:

  • Direct meetings that generate excitement and get things done

  • Lead staff and board retreats that clarify the mission and strategy

  • Rally his sales team to generate record-setting results

  • Explain how to implement a new health care policy

  • Sustain high morale during restructuring

  • Speak to civic clubs with vitality and persuasion

To help him and your other leaders who appear nervous, disorganized, unclear, and even boring when they speak to groups, bring in Bill Lampton­–a Speech Coaching expert who has spoken professionally for 17 years.

Bill’s Speech Coaching has strengthened leaders at Gillette, Procter & Gamble, Duracell, Tanner Health System, Willis Investment Council, Barnsley Gardens, Worldwide, Inc., Rayonier, and Turbo Transport, among others.

“The advice you provided highlighted opportunities in the structure and delivery of my presentations. Following your coaching, my presentations are clearer and my delivery style is more personal and compelling.”

–Graham Forward, Manager Operations, Strategy and Improvement–Gillette

To read what others say about the results of his Speech Coaching service, use this link:


Technology has not replaced the Annual Meeting as an opportunity for sharing information, recognizing and rewarding loyal workers, boosting morale and getting in high gear for the next twelve months.Do as many organizations have done: Bring in Dr. Bill Lampton for your meeting/convention. Consider what his clients say: Bill Lampton - Keynote Speaker - Ignite your annual meeting with Bill's Keynote Address


“Bill was the Keynote Speaker on Day One of our legal association’s educational conference. What I thought was unique about Bill’s approach was the initiative he took to speak with a number of delegates prior to the conference. His due diligence provided him with a real understanding for our industry’s distinctive challenges. He applied his communication strategies accordingly so that the knowledge and information he shared with the group was relevant and impactful. Bill was highly interactive with the audience, conducted meaningful exercises, and shared several interesting stories. Meeting and working with Bill was a genuine pleasure!”

Stephanie Marsh, BCLMA President


“In all the years that I have been organizing conferences, Bill Lampton is one of the very best speakers that I have ever heard. He has a way of making his material flow effortlessly while keeping the attendees entertained and energized.”

Braden Albert, HR Star Conference

“It was a great privilege having you present to our sales people at our quarterly sales meeting. Your dynamic style and the super-charged message were both highly motivating to our group. I have received positive feedback from many who attended. Our philosophies for motivating individuals are similar, and I appreciate the reinforcement that your message provided. Thank you so much for an invigorating presentation.”

Charles R. Oglesby, President and CEO, Nalley Automotive Group

“I love your presentation style!”

Dee Shepherd, Missouri Bar

FOUR: CREATE A CULTURE OF CUSTOMER CARE Second-rate organizations settle for traditional Customer Service. What’s wrong with that? Well, you can serve people without caring for them. Let Bill help you establish Customer Care throughout your organization. You will learn:

  • What to say to customers, and what not to say
  • How “noncommital listening” will resolve many customer complaints
  • How to respond to written complaints
  • “Best practices” from the Ritz-Carlton, Starbucks, Mary Kay cosmetics and others
“Bill Lampton never ceases to amaze me with his gift for hitting the nail on the head every time. He has such an astute sense for real customer service. I find it very rare to find a trainer and speaker who can talk to both what the customer wants and expects and to what the staff needs to produce the goods.”

–Euan McGlashan, General Manager and Managing Director, Barnsley Gardens

FIVE: ADJUST TO DIFFERENT COMMUNICATION STYLES You have seen it happen. A benevolent, kindly manager retires, and the new manager comes in full speed ahead—like Bob Nardelli did at Home Depot or Jack Welch did at General Electric. Also, you watch clashes between your cautious, slow-moving financial director and the “let’s do it now regardless of cost” divisional vice president. How do you resolve these energy-draining conflicts? Using the highly respected DISC system of Personal Style Analysis, Bill enables your staff and employees to identify their own styles, understand the styles of others, and then adapt their styles to foster productive interaction, minimizing confusion and disharmony. Not only will expanding your understanding of communication style help you internally, you’ll experience vastly improved public relations, marketing, sales, and customer service. NOTE: Watch my brief video that recommends DISC for improving business communication:

Resolve Conflicts By Understanding DISC from Bill Lampton, Ph.D. on Vimeo.

Thank you for the half-day seminar you conducted for our staff. It was extraordinary. The DISCS were an exceptional hit with everyone. They made us take time to see how others view us as well as our potential to work and communicate with each other and clients. We look forward to having you back at Large and Gilbert for further educational seminars.”

–Rhonda Gilbert, CPA, Large & Gilbert, P.C


These respected publications have called him for advice: Delta’s SKY magazine, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Entrepreneur, Working Mother, HR Today, and Investors Business Daily.

Here are representative organizations that have called Bill for speaking, Speech Coaching, Communication Consulting, and Video Training: Gillette, Duracell, British Columbia Legal Management Association, Ritz-Carlton Cancun, Krystal Company, Miller Brewing Company, Environmental Protection Agency, University of Georgia Athletic Association, Celebrity Cruises, Oceania Cruise Line, the Missouri Bar, National Parks Association, and the Virginia Pest Management Association.


“Subsequent to his presentations, we have noticed positive changes in the behavior of our employees and their communication skills with our customers.”

                                                                               –Doug Lawson, Laidlaw, Inc.

“I came away with a better understanding of my personal responsibility for the kind of life that I lead, personally and professionally. I have a more productive attitude. I also learned communication skills that will further my advancement.”

–Cindy Smith, Georgia Merit System

“Thank you for an impressive session which has already been utilized by our staff.”–           

–Hermann Gammeter, Renaissance Waverly Hotel

“We have profited handsomely from your seminar. We had several salespeople for whom it was a complete eye opener. I’ve noticed steady and continuing organizational progress by sales people. I attribute this directly to the quality time spent with you.”

 –Ed Fierstos, Macon Telegraph

CONTACT BILL. . .AND BECOME A CHAMPION! Is your organization ready to take these five steps toward the top spot in your industry? Are you ready to “finish in first place”? Then contact Bill. One day with him will become your first step toward the winner’s circle!

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Write him at: Championship Communication P.O. Box 908267 Gainesville, GA 30501-0920

Call: 678-316-4300


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